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About us

       Footwear StudioCarmenwas established in 1988. We started our own production with shoes for flamenco and tango. But the second half of the 80's was not a period when Argentine tango or flamenco were as popular as they are now. We stopped producing those shoes for good few years and instead we made a wide range of women's shoes.

       After the economic changes of 1989, the beginning of the 90s saw a rapid development of our company. We transformed from a typical small artisanal workshop into a shoe factory where the latest technological advances support genuine craftsmanship. Based on the extensive experience and knowledge passed down the generations in my family since 1921, we have been making ladies' shoes with pleasure and passion.

       And it was that passion that made us return to the production of dance shoes, suspended many years before. In 2005 we opened long-ago packed boxes with models and restarted our adventure with shoes in a dance rhythm. Our designs take into account current trends and requirements in this area. The models we make are well regarded by women, and dancers, in Poland and abroad. The motto of our production of ladies' shoes is their comfort, elegance and professionalism. Our mission is to produce ladies' shoes which are comfortable, elegant and professionally made.


Dąbrowskiego 225/243, 93-231 Łódź

+48 693 -116 - 293